Today Resident Advisor posted a review of the forthcoming Join The Future compilation on Cease & Desist, which you can read here.

It would be fair to say that reviewer Oli Warwick is a big fan of the compilation. Here’s a flavour of what he had to say:

Given the book’s contrarian approach, designed to counteract London-centric narratives surrounding the growth of UK dance music culture, it’s not surprising to see an alternative vision of bleep presented in the selections. There are no big anthems here—LFO’s “LFO,” Sweet Exorcist’s “Testone” or Forgemasters’ “Track With No Name,” for example. Instead, there are obscure dubplate lifts, deep remixes and low-key club smashers from the producers who were in the cut-and-thrust of this sound at its peak.

Pleasingly, Warwick made a point of praising the way the compilation sounds and the stellar mastering work of Rob Gordon:

The sound Gordon achieves across Join The Future is brilliant. A warm, cohesive hum resounds around the low-end without dulling the bite of those crisp, dry snares or pealing bleeps.

Thanks to both RA and Oli Warwick for their warm words. You can find out more about the compilation elsewhere on this site (click here or on the menu link above), where you’ll also find details of sites where you can pre-order vinyl copies and/or the digital download edition.

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