The latest edition of the Join The Future show on Noods – our first since June – aired last Sunday, 17th October, and is now available to stream via the embedded audio player below. It’s an action-packed affair featuring a blend of talk, new and old music, and features.

The highlight of the show is a recording of the panel discussion from Join The Future’s first Words & Music event at Strange Brew, which took place on Tuesday October 5th. The discussion, which was hosted by our own Matt Anniss, features Bristol City Council’s Night-Time Economy advisor, Carly Heath; Save Bristol Nightlife campaign founder Annie McGann; and promoter, club consultant and Lady of the House co-author Laila McKenzie. For the purposes of the show, the recording has been split into two parts.

The show also features Matt discussing some new and forthcoming music-related books (with accompanying music); a dash of Brit-Funk; news of the return of Ital Rockers at a special Bleep & Bass event in Leeds; a tribute to the late Richard H Kirk and the first new Bleepography entry since the summer of 2020.

You can listen to the show below.

Here are the rough timings for the various features in the show:

0 mins – Introduction, new music and SubDub’s Bleep & Bass special

14 mins – Words & Music panel discussion – Part 1

20 mins: Books round-up (Martin Dust – Brutal Yorkshire; Trevor Miller – Trip City; Ian Helliwell – Tape Leaders; Ben Murphy & Carl Loben – Renegade Snares)

56 mins: Words & Music panel discussion – Part 2

1 hour 36 mins: Brit-Funk reissues

1 hour 48 mins: Richard H Kirk tribute

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