Back in May (2022), British rave culture saw a significant anniversary: 30 years since the free festival turned week-long rave on Castlemorton Common. The anniversary was marked in many ways, including a dedicated exhibition and event series – Free Party: A Retrospective – at Lost Horizon in Bristol. Our own Matt Anniss wrote about that, and the story of Castlemorton, right here on this site too. Earlier in the year, another significant project landed that also included vivid details of Castlemorton: DiY founder member Harry Harrison’s superb memoir, Dreaming in Yellow: The Story of DiY Soundsystem.

A couple of months ago, Harry took time out to chat over zoom with Matt Anniss for what became episode five of series two of Join The Future on Noods Radio. Over the course of an hour, Harry and Matt chatted about his story, free party culture and the remarkable story of DIY, which started out as a party thrown by mates, morphed into semi-regular licensed raves, then later became one of the UK’s most infamous and celebrated free party soundsystems. The collective also had their own studio space and record labels – Strictly 4 Groovers and later DiY Discs. In the show, Harry also selected some personal favourites and tracks that tell a small part of the epic DiY story.

You can listen to the show via the embedded Mixcloud player below, or on the Noods Radio website by clicking here. You’ll find a track listing for the show below the embedded player. To order Harry’s terrific book, head over to the Velocity Press website.

Mood II Swing – Sunlight in My Eyes
Schmoov! – Destination (Beach Towel Mix)
Men O’Harlick – Glade (Atjazz Remix)
FPI Project – Rich In Paradise (Going Back ToMy Roots)
Rhythm Plate – Lean
DiY – Hothead (Pierre’s Wild Pitch Mix)
Cosmic Groove Transmission – Cast Yer Spell (Brooks Remix)
Digs, Woosh & Atjazz – Untitled
Digs & Woosh – The Message (Mayo Mix)

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