Three years to the day since we got our hands of copies of Join The Future for the very first time, Velocity Press has announced the publication of an expanded and updated edition of the book. It will land in stores in January 2023, but it can be pre-ordered now from the Velocity Press website. Everyone who pre-orders this new edition of the book will see their name printed in the acknowledgements and receive a healthy dose of good karma to boot.

So why a new edition? Well, you can find out why and read about what to expect in a blog post I wrote for the Velocity Press website. In short, you can expect:

• Revised and updated text
• More interviews and analysis
• Extended chapters
• A brand new ‘afterword’ chapter, ‘Brand New Day’
• An expanded ‘Bleepography’, featuring even more recommendations of relevant singles, albums, compilations, DJ mixes, radio shows and podcasts
• An index

To celebrate the publication of the revised edition of the book, I’ll also be heading out on tour in the New Year for a series of ‘in conversation’ events when I’ll be talking about it, and the stories I tell in it, with a variety of journalists, DJs and producers. More details about the towns and cities I’ll be visiting, and the locations of the events, will be announced in due course.

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