The mix series is one of those that’s always on-point. The variety of mixes on show is impressive, and when a new one drops it’s always worth checking. You can imagine my delight, then, when a few weeks ago an email arrived asking me if I’d like to contribute a mix, in part as a way of celebrating the publication of the new expanded and updated edition of the book.

You can read more about the finished mix, and check out the full tracklisting, via this dedicated page on the website. While I don’t want to repeat myself (though as those who’ve attended talks or have spent more than 10 minutes with me down the pub know, I often do), I thought I’d take a few moments to talk about it here. There’s an embedded Soundcloud player below the link if you want to dive straight in, or listen while reading.

When they approached me, my first thought was not to make it an entirely purist bleep & bass mix. Naturally I wanted to include lots of bleep – and new records in the style as well as old ones, since there have been some genuine gems released in recent times – but I’ve done plenty of “straight” bleep mixes before. So what I decided to do was sneak in some sub-heavy treats recorded and released at various points since the ’90s – including a couple from recent years – in order to demonstrate the enduring legacy of the style. As a result, it’s a pretty energy-packed and suitably heavy mix-up, but one that definitely sounds good at home, in the car, in your headphones on the go etc. At least I think so – hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it.

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