The reviews for Join The Future: Bleep Techno and the Birth of British Bass Music keep rolling in. The latest review comes courtesy of Kirsty Allison in the March 2020 issue of DJ Magazine.

You’ll have to purchase the issue to read the full review but here’s a taster of what Kirsty had to say:

“Categorising culture is never as simple as starting with one person, in one place, but Matt Anniss creates a fairly immaculate argument that all British bass music can actually be tracked to Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield in the late ‘80s… Aside from featuring great interviews, quotes, and an academically balanced but not overly professorial tone, Join The Future connects all the dots for us subcultural trainspotters.”

Many thanks to both Kirsty and DJ magazine for the review. To get hold of your copy of the book, head to the Velocity Press website.

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