In the summer of 2018 I rather grandly announced the Join The Future project, and specifically the fact that I was working on a book about Bleep & Bass, by recording and uploading a mix of vintage Bleep & Bass. It went down rather well – in fact, it was one of FACT’s mixes of the month for September 2018 and was also written about by a German website – but since then I’ve been too busy to record a follow-up.

A couple of months ago Set It Out’s George-Oscar Winstanley, who I joined forces with to put on a JTF party in Bristol with JD Twitch in September 2019, dropped me a line to ask whether I’d be interested in recording an hour-long Join The Future mix for his weekly ‘Not So Grimy Breakfast Show’ on 1020 Radio. I did just that, and it was broadcast a few weeks ago. Should you want to listen to the whole four-show-plus show, you can do it here.

I’ve decided to make the mix available separately as Join The Future: Mix 02. Click on the widget below to give it a listen via Mixcloud, or click here.

Unlike its predecessor, this mix includes some more recent material as well as vintage Bleep & Bass cuts. You’ll also notice on the track listing below that a majority of the tracks are “Join The Future Edits” – these are DJ-friendly tweaks I’ve done over the years for my sets, and have never been shared before.

Join The Future: Mix 02 – Track Listing

  1. Sweet Exorcist – Testsix (Toneapella – Join The Future Intro Edit)
  2. Moody Boys – Dub Me Right (Join The Future Re-Edit)
  3. Orson – Toxic Waste
  4. Que Sakamoto – Uchuu Hikoshi (Apiento’s 4AM Dub)
  5. Unique 3 – Code 0274 (Join The Future Re-Edit)
  6. Tuff Little Unit – Master Plan (Join The Future Re-Edit)
  7. Cabaret Voltaire – Easy Life (Jive Turkey Mix)
  8. Infamix – Hypnotic FX
  9. LFO – Track Four (Join The Future Re-Edit)
  10. MBG – MDM Groove (Join The Future Re-Edit)
  11. Sweet Exorcist – Colin’s Tamborin (Join The Future Re-Edit)
  12. A1 Project – Toxic Not Toxic (Join The Future Re-Edit)
  13. ES-Q – Enter The System (Forge Mix – Join The Future Re-Edit)
  14. How & Little – Engineers Dream (E-Dream Remix)
  15. Tek9 – ICU Tribute


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