To mark six months since the publication of Join The Future: Bleep Techno and the Birth of British Bass Music, author Matt Anniss will be taking part in a live Facebook stream on Thursday 25th June at 7pm BST.


He’ll be answering questions posed by moderator Colin Steven of Velocity Press, publishers of Join The Future. These questions will be a mix of those asked by Colin, and ones submitted by viewers in real time via Facebook.

Topics under discussion will include feedback on the book so far, the Join The Future compilation on Cease and Desist, the joint JTF/Velocity Press decision to put June sales royalties to anti-racism charities (and the wider issue of fighting the ‘whitewashing’ UK dance music history), and updates on the many original Bleep & Bass producers, DJs and label owners featured in the book.

Matt will also be announcing details of a very special Join The Future online event due to take place on Sunday August 3rd, reflecting on what he got right and wrong with the book, and outlining some forthcoming releases he’s been writing liner notes for.

To watch the event and submit questions, head over to the Velocity Press Facebook page on Thursday 25th June at 19:00, or click on this link. If you have any burning questions about points raised in the book, or the wider story of Bleep & Bass and the early years of British bass music, stick them in the comments or email us via the contact page.

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