Over the years, many people have asked about Join The Future t-shirts. I’m delighted to announce that we’ve now joined forces with 1 of 100, a brilliant clothing brand based in Glasgow famous for their limited and special edition garments, to create something rather special: a classy Join The Future t-shirt which will raise vital funds for a charity very close to my heart, St Luke’s in Sheffield.

For those not from the Steel City, St Luke’s is Sheffield’s hospice and cancer care charity. It provides all palliative and end of life care services throughout the city, both via its residential hospice in Whirlow and through ‘hospice at home’ care for those who choose to spend their final days with their families. It also offers great support services for families impacted by terminal cancer.

Those who have read the freshly expanded and updated edition of the book will know that it is dedicated to my father, Ian, who passed away from prostate cancer in August 2020 – just a few months after the original edition of the book was published. As I say in the afterword, the feedback I received from my dad – a former history teacher whose enthusiasm for music, politics and social history helped shape my outlook – after he read the book is the most cherished. In the months before he died, he genuinely “got” why I had dedicated my life to dance music culture and understood why I was so determined to document the story of bleep & bass.

Dad received brilliant care and support from St Luke’s during his ultimately losing battle with prostate cancer, and for a long time I have been determined to find a way of raising funds to support their work. It’s for that reason that a minimum of £5 from the sale of each Join The Future x 1 of 100 t-shirt will go directly to St Luke’s. The t-shirt is available in two colours – a lovely cream and a dazzling white – with each featuring the JTF logo on the left breast, and a bespoke image inspired by bass and Brutalism (the building featured is the legendary Moore St Substation in Sheffield) on the back.

You can order the t-shirt right now by heading over to the 1 of 100 website. Thanks to Richie at 1 of 100 for a brilliant design and for helping to create something very special to raise funds for St Luke’s.

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