On the latest episode of Join The Future on Noods Radio, I’ve decided to flip the script a little. Instead of a chat with an author of a music book, or a discussion with a producer within the realms of house and techno, we’ve got something even more special: an in-depth discussion with a legendary figure within British music – A Certain Ratio’s longest-serving member, Martin Moscrop.

A Certain Ratio should need no introduction, but for those unaware of their history, it’s worth offering up a brief history of their career to date. Founded in Hulme, Manchester in 1977 as “drummer-less band” known for the moodiness of their post-punk sound, the band expanded with the addition of local guitarist Martin Moscrop – and in 1979, drummer Donald Johnson – and began to tinker around with their sound. Taking cues from funk, jazz, jazz-funk and Latin-music, ACR released a string of albums in the early ’80s that confused critics and audiences alike.

Throughout the ’80s they continued to evolve, reflecting their love of the dance music culture (electro, house etc) that first swept through the black clubs of Manchester before – after the on-set of Ecstasy – taking the city (and the UK) by storm. Throughout, they continued to perform incendiary live sets, combining their trademark punk-funk sound with aspects of dub, Afrobeat, synth-pop, saucer-eyed club cuts and much more besides.

They’ve taken breaks from recording and touring – some extended – at various points over the years, but continue to be a creative force to this day, beloved by both post-punks and those reared on jazz, soul and dance music. On March 31st 2023, they’re set to release their 13th studio album, the brilliant ‘1982’.

To mark the release of 1982, I decided it was time that we dedicated a show to ACR. Combining an interview I did with Martin Moscrop last summer (for a forthcoming project) with a new interview about ‘1982’, the show takes a deep dive into the band’s lengthy history, the post-punk scene, the new album and what keeps Martin and his band-mates motivated after all these years.

You can listen to the show via the embedded Mixcloud player below, or by checking out the new Join The Future on Noods Season 3 playlist on Soundcloud. A list of tracks played can be found below the player.

Join The Future on Noods Radio: S3E2 – A Certain Ratio: Martin Moscrop in Conversation (AKA ACR: JTF)

• A Certain Ratio – Spirit Dance
• A Certain Ratio – Flight (The Graveyard)
• A Certain Ratio – All Night Party
• A Certain Ratio – Sommadub
• A Certain Ratio – Guess Who (12″ Mix)
• A Certain Ratio – Day One
• Kalima – Father Pants
• A Certain Ratio – Yo Yo Gi
• A Certain Ratio – BTW 90
• A Certain Ratio – Waterline
• A Certain Ratio – Samo

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